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Aylon Steinhart · September 16, 2008 · Short URL:

A new peace of mind

 Critics of cyber communication often argue that the increase in online social interactions lead to a decrease in traditional face-to-face exchanges amongst people.

Although some element of truth exists in this argument, the value and potential of communication through the Internet is endless. By providing a medium of communication that is both instantaneous and universally accessible, the Internet has revolutionized communication and has expanded the possibilities for its uses. One notable use is that of CareFlash, a service that is utilizing Internet communication to support people when they need it most.


CareFlash is a service that aims to improve communication between patients or caregivers and their loved ones during times of health changes and medical care. The CareFlash ser vice allows both parties to share information, emotional support, and regular updates in order to provide intimacy and strength in a difficult time. 

CareFlash enables users to share information by creating a free Web-based community of patient, caregivers, loved ones, etc. The community is based around a secure personal Web site where community members post and receive updates instantaneously, comment on updates, and send supportive messages.

In order to improve clarity and understanding of the patient’s condition, the CareFlash service provides 3D medical animations which can be posted on the community page. The animatio ns are accompanied by simple narrations in several different languages which provide further understanding to the community members.

The community Web site also includes an iHelp calendar which aims to organize and delegate responsibilities to caretakers. Through the use of the iHelp calendar, community members can post tasks, volunteer for tasks, and send notification and reminders. Finally, CareFlash also provides a Public Forum, where users can interact with individuals of the entire CareFlash community sharing a similar experience. Through the use of developed online communication, the CareFlash service provides intimacy, comfort, and emotional support for those going through a difficult time.

Similar to many recent internet-based services, the success of CareFlash relies almost entirely on the growth of its community. By offering organization and improved communication to people going through a time that is often characterized by feelings of helplessness and isolation, CareFlash promises to relieve some of the pains associated with medical uncertainties. One concern about the CareFlash service is whether individuals going through such hard times will have the motivation and drive to figure out how to work and set up this unfamiliar service.

Nonetheless, CareFlash’s intention to aid people during their time of need is laudable. It will be interesting to see how the community of CarFlash evolves as CareFlash continue turning communication into peace of mind.         

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With a database of over 1.5 million licensed caregivers, ENURGI is a revolutionary web-based healthcare services company that connects families and patients in need with local caregivers across the country, and eventually across borders.


ENURGI enables patients, family members and caregivers to independently manage the care process through on-line scheduling, instant messaging, referral and direct payment transactions.




If it hurts we can help!


Joined Vator on is a video centric consumer digital media company whose business and success is predicated on the fact that online video has become a daily fix for millions of people worldwide, the market for online healthcare services and information is tremendous and broadband access to the Internet has grown to several hundred million people around the world. will become the world's most popular interactive website community for medical, health & wellness information. brings Doctors, Nurses and other Medical Practitioners right to the consumer helping people take an active role in managing their health truly making a difference in their lives. will offer a proprietary library of video content and utilize a third party video search engine that together will provide users with access to thousands of medical, health and wellness videos. will allow users to:

Ø Research and watch videos onany health condition, pain, ailment, injury, disease or wellness matter where Doctors, Nurses, other Healthcare Practitioners and Medical Reporters will discuss each topic in detail.

Ø View video tips and special video features daily on current health issues.

Ø Watch health & wellnessTV programming on ItHurts.TV.

Ø View video blogs fromDoctors and other Medical Practitioners.

Ø Find and learn about Doctors and Hospitals via the first Video Hospital and Doctor Directories.

Ø Communicate in health forums with people who have common medical, health and wellness interests, problems and concerns. Interact with Doctors and Nurses in these communities.

Ø Access videocontent on mobile hand held devices.

Ø Utilize conceptual video search technology that automatically suggests videos to a userbased on their profile, interests, viewing history and behavior patterns.

Ø Create and save advanced, explicit searches, then receive emails or notifications ofnew videos that match their search criteria.

Ø Take advantage of video transcription/jump-to-word navigation allowing users to navigate within a particular video asset to get straight to the part of that video they are most interested in.


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CareFlash was founded by Jay Drayer out of an experience he had within his family when a member was diagnosed with a chronic heart disorder. Testifying to how positive transformation can be driven by a tragic event, the experience that motivated Jay to depart his career path in corporate finance surrounded the 9/11 tragedies in which he witnessed the second plane's impact on the World Trade Center while on his way to a 9:00 meeting that morning at 60 Wall St. Jay calls himself a recovering CFO who was inspired to create a service that filled-in the gaps delivering rich features and content, lacking in other providers that offer thinly featured online "care communities". CareFlash is headquartered in Houston.

What does CareFlash do?

CareFlash provides patients and their loved ones with a centralized, private, secure web community, featuring plainly narrated 3-D patient education resources, and rich features for engaging help from friends to assist through a health crisis or in eldercare. Features are bundled into an easy-to-use, integrated web community that requires no technical knowledge and can be setup in minutes while accomplishing the following.

  • Improve patient experience while bridging language barriers
  • Improve the productivity and effectiveness of healthcare practitioners
  • Multi-faceted iHelp calendar facilitates meals, transportation, errands and scheduling
  • Centralized communication and support relieves anxiety in patients and family care providers
  • Branded care communities provide powerful, exponential marketing reach
  • Enhance patient satisfaction while driving performance ratings
  • This video explains how care communities help patients and their families and friend



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   HealthGen is a sales and marketing company whose mission is to drive down the ever-increasing cost of healthcare.  Our partners (and primary customers) in this mission will be the thousands of health insurance carriers who benefit substantially from healthcare cost savings.  To accomplish our objectives and to meet our customers' needs, HealthGen will employ a socially conscious sales force that will communicate directly with healthcare providers in clinics across the country.  Our goal is to inform doctors through face-to-face sales interaction of how their decisions affect the overall cost of healthcare.  We will encourage doctors to make changes so they are more in line with the standards set forth by our clients, the health plans.  The initial focus for HealthGen will be on the huge opportunity in the current pharmaceutical market to drive down the cost of prescription drugs through increased generic drug usage.

Please read more in our attached Executive Summary and PPT Presentation.



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A compelling new healthcare-specific search engine that returns only highly relevant results in a unique categorized format with integrated message boards and exclusive health analysis tools making it extremely quick and easy for consumers to find, use and share relevant and reliable health information.

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Advisor-to and commenter-on emerging ventures

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