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Aylon Steinhart · August 12, 2008 · Short URL:

Doctor and patient matchmaking startup is a healthcare social network

From sharing slide shows and selling merchandise to storing your receipts and even dating, it seems that more and more things are being done over the Internet every day. With a constant flow of fresh companies offering new capabilities on the Internet, it’s hard to tell what real-world processes will soon be remembered as obsolete memories. One Florida based start-up is using the Internet to change the way we look at something a bit unexpected: health care.

Enurgi is essentially a social network for care givers and care recipients.  The idea is simple, Enurgi provides a medium for families and patients to find and contact clinical caregivers. Through Enurgi’s online caregiver database of over 1.5 million licensed clinicians, families and patients can now use the Internet to find the doctor they want. What’s more, Enurgi provides the ability for patients and caregivers to independently manage their transactions through on-line scheduling, instant messaging, referral and direct payment transactions.

 While enabling the possibility of independent management of the care process, Enurgi also provides the tools necessary to ensure a smooth caregiver-patient transaction. The comprehensive care management portal gives users the ability to manage patient schedules, transact caregiver  payments, conduct patient-to-caregiver instant messaging, and submit quality of care ratings.

By changing the way we look at healthcare, Enurgi stands in the forefront of moving our traditional world onto the Internet. The concept of Enurgi promises simplicity, convenience, and more power to the individual in the healthcare world. Although hospitals and emergency rooms will not be disappearing for a long time, perhaps your doctor will soon be a part of Enurgi’s 1.5 million(and growing)  registered clinicians. It will be interesting to see how this atypical technological advance in healthcare works out in the future.     

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With a database of over 1.5 million licensed caregivers, ENURGI is a revolutionary web-based healthcare services company that connects families and patients in need with local caregivers across the country, and eventually across borders.


ENURGI enables patients, family members and caregivers to independently manage the care process through on-line scheduling, instant messaging, referral and direct payment transactions.