Has Google Chrome got room for Improvement?

Josh Chandler · September 12, 2008 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/402

Will it beat Firefox and IE?

The most exciting (!) web browser Opera has been beaten in market share by Google Chrome according to figures published in a recent article from Paidcontent.org, around 1 percent of all internet users were using the new open source Web Browser as of 10th September according to details from Newsfactor.com

Of course, naturally pundits were quick to compare Chrome's short lived existence to the other more established browsers on the market and you know they had good reason, but if they were to look past the stats they would see that Google has collected a bunch of great publicity for the browser which was only released on 2nd September, so in just 9 days to have 1% market share in my opinion is a great achievement.

In fact in the Newsfactor.com article made good comparisons between the two market leader web browsers: Internet Explorer and Firefox VS Google Chrome, here's what they had to say:

The beta version of Google's browser is missing some of the flashier bells and whistles found in Internet Explorer and Firefox. On the other hand, there are advantages to driving a hotrod stripped to its chassis.

Lifehacker proved that Google Chrome truly does rule the speed wars, Chrome won 2 of the 3 tests which were:

  • Startup Time
  • Javascript + CSS
  • Memory Usage
One thing that should be of note is that according to the data collected in the article the three web browsers "less than a second of difference between all of them" at startup, although my guess is that many are enamored with Chrome because of startup time.

It is simply the minimalistic view you get when you first load the browser whether this means Google will begin to build out a more substantial UI is yet to be seen, UsabilityBlog.com had a good feature on the Chrome UI which you might want to check out, but I think for Google to be a real outsider with it's very bare UI will be interesting to see how that develops.

The one thing I am surprised about with this browser being in early beta is the lack of glitches that have occured whilst I use it especially as I am a Vista User, I often have both IE8 and Firefox 3 crashing on me non stop, News.com.au begs to differ citing that the "errors are based on the Javascript foundations of the browser, which can affect everything from pop-up windows to login modules.".

Further on in the article they did acknowledge that Google had "a sophisticated testing system was used to prevent bugs from occurring on popular websites." so Google certainly had bases covered at least for launch, it is hardly expected that a web browser would be 100% compatible particularly one so new to the market.

One thing I had to laugh at was a Tweet I picked up that said:

The Google Earth plugin is not yet supported in Google Chrome

A big destination site? :)

All in all based on the initial numbers coming through about market share, I expect we will be seeing Chrome making some very positive moves in the near future to further develop this key platform!

Watch this space.....


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