Google's press event for Chrome

Bambi Francisco Roizen · September 3, 2008 · Short URL:

Plus what tech reporters are saying about the new browser

Google launched its new Web browser this week. What's the word at the major tech blogs? Seems like it gets a thumbs up, but it's not on its way to displace Microsoft IE or Firefox anytime soon.

Here's a review from VentureBeat, saying that "Chrome already provides a much more pleasant web experience than Microsoft’s newest competitor Internet Explorer 8 (also in beta)." TechCrunch points out that Chrome doesn't work with Lively. Mashable says Chrome is not a Windows killer, but also points out seven great things about it.

Henry Blodget at Silicon Alley Insider was the most enthusiastic, writing a post titled "Google launches cloud operating system; calls it a browser." In it, he writes: "If you're thinking about "Chrome" as just another web browser, you're missing the larger point. Chrome will no doubt function just fine as a browser, giving you yet another icon choice to add to your browser collection alongside IE, Firefox, and Safari. It will also likely include some whizbang new features that force Microsoft and Mozilla to immediately retool their own offerings. But that's almost beside the point."

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