Location: Utah, United States United States
Founded in: 2010
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 02/2011, Seed: $1.5 M
Investors: Epic Ventures
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Utah, United States United States
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Company description

XYDO Content Marketing Platform makes the constantly regenerating world of content work for businesses. Our system helps you deliver great content that turns prospects into customers, and customers into advocates. We’re loved by marketers big and small from huge companies to small non-profits.

XYDO processes over 250,000 articles, images, and video clips every day, matching each piece against a pool of 3 million contributors to identify content that will engage existing customers and capture new leads through social sharing.


  • Chris Calder
    Chris Calder | Team member
  • Eric Roach
    Eric Roach | Team member
    Eric Roach founded Lombard Brokerage, which pioneered stock trading on the Internet and was acquired by Morgan Stanley. Later in his career, Eric was recruited to serve as CEO of