Wavemaker Partners (fka Siemer Ventures)

Wavemaker Partners (fka Siemer Ventures)
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Santa Monica, California, United States United States
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Siemer Ventures, which was formed through the combination of Frontera Group and Siemer & Associates’ venture capital practice, predominantly invests in technology companies run by remarkable entrepreneurs with deep domain expertise.  We invest in early-stage enterprise and consumer-facing businesses that are positioned for rapid growth.  These companies typically target large, fragmented and high-growth markets with unique and differentiated products and services.

We prefer to work with emerging companies which are on the verge of taking their product or service to market which means that we tend to shy away from ventures that are still in pre-launch stage.  We also like to seek out companies that have outstripped the funding capabilities of their early investors but are not quite ready for a conventional venture capital round of funding just yet.  We are comfortable in bridging this funding gap that most emerging companies experience in their early evolution having experienced it ourselves in our former operating lives.

The founders of Siemer Ventures are start-up veterans that have previously started, built and successfully exited businesses themselves, making our principals ideal partners for entrepreneurs in building valuable and enduring businesses.  We typically invest up to $750,000 per venture, with our initial investment size ranging from $150K to $350K and usually as a part of a larger investment syndicate.  While we are fairly agnostic in the industries we target, we prefer companies that have an information technology element to them.   Because we are “boutique” in nature, our incentives are aligned with company founders, which sometimes might mean being open to modest and early exits, based on founders’ preferences.

While we will never require this of any of our portfolio companies, our investment banking affiliate, Siemer & Associates, LLC, can also provide strategic and financial advisory services for follow-on financing and exits should it make sense for both sides.

  • Vanessa VanderZanden
    Vanessa VanderZanden | Team member
    I steer the marketing strategy for Siemer Ventures and Siemer & Associates. I create all marketing materials, generate media attention and build their reputations as key financial partners.