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Vivísimo's mission today is to help organizations find, organize and use the massive amount of information available in today's world. Leveraging our core competency in developing enterprise search software, as well as our experience in consumer search, we deliver search solutions that improve workforce productivity, streamline business processes, raise customer satisfaction and increase sales.

For enterprises, Vivísimo's Velocity Search Platform provides innovative search solutions that allow end-users to find, access, explore and manipulate all available content, regardless of location. By combining the simplicity of consumer search with the flexibility and control of enterprise software, enterprises can reap the benefits of increased user adoption and satisfaction without compromising on performance, scalability, security or the ability to configure a solution specific to its business environment. Based on a service-oriented architecture that enables rapid deployment, Velocity can be up and running in just weeks.
Search Done Right

For consumer web searches, Vivísimo offers Clusty, the first full-service search site using advanced clustering technology. Clusty takes search to a new level, with dedicated search tools for the most popular search sources such as news, shopping, blogs, images, and Wikipedia.

Fortune 500 companies, top websites, prestigious publishers, government agencies and millions of users employ Vivísimo's solutions.

Vivísimo's technology has received a tremendous amount of industry recognition. Search industry experts at eWeek, KMWorld, EContent, PC Week, and Search Engine Watch proclaimed Vivísimo as a provider of solutions that are changing the way people search.

Vivísimo was originally founded in 2000 by three Carnegie Mellon University scientists who decided to tackle the problem of information overload in web searches by developing new technology to organize unwieldy search results in a completely innovative way. They used a mathematical algorithm and deep linguistic knowledge to find relationships between search terms and bring them to light. Over the years, the company has built upon the original technology of document clustering with the same guiding principle of using technology to help users conquer information overload and harness the true power of search.

Vivísimo is a privately-held corporation with investments from Innovation Works, private investors and grants from the National Science Foundation.