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Tripleseat Software,LLC
Restaurant Private Party Planning Made Perfect
Acton, Massachusetts, United States United States
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Company description
Tripleseat provides a Sales and Event Management web application that streamlines the catering and group dining operations, which results in increased sales, improved productivity and better customer service.
Business model

The catering and group dining business is a fractured, disorganized, mess that results in poor customer service & lost revenue. Paper and pen doesn’t do enough and standard CRM software solutions try to do too much. Tripleseat provides a lead, sales and event web application that streamlines the sales and planning process for Special Event Managers, which results in an increase in sales, improved productivity and better customer service.


Tripleseat addresses the Hospitality Industries $25 billion Catering and Group Business market more specifically, the 300,000 restaurants, catering, unique venues and country clubs in the U.S. that offer catering and/or group dining.


Tripleseat’s primary target is the 30,000 independent restaurants and restaurant groups that are in the fine dining and casual dining segment of the restaurant industry. Tripleseat is a recurring revenue subscription model. Access to the web-based software is licensed for a 1-year term.

Competitive advantage

Tripleseat with the Smart Suite of SmartDoc, SmartLead, and SmartBook is the only web based Event Management application that can capture a lead for the customers existing website and enable the Special Event Manager to create a booking, a contract, and a specialized menu in less then two minutes and with only a few click of the mouse. 


There is no other Web Sales and Event Managament application that combines the ease and convenience of Tripleseat with the power of Web-based documents,contracts and menus.