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Real time SocialTv dashboard.
Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina
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Company description

After analyzing the behavior of users in social networks for 4 years and specifically related to SocialTV from the last 2 years we decided to develop a platform for monitoring and analyzing the impact of Twitter on the SocialTV. Based on feedback from our customers and key players in the television industry, we developed a monitoring and analytics SocialTV Dashboards that allows real-time display relevant and timely information to content producers, broadcasters, commercial equipment, media agencies and advertisers. Currently we are developing “t-bee”, which is a new and exclusive monitoring tool for television channels, producers, journalist, and every one who need to know what's happening with a Tv program in a fast, accurate and easy of use way. With t-bee we will provide the right environment for all members and cast of a TV show can know, decipher and understand who, how, when and where they are talking about?, what they are expecting of the TV show?, What they liked or not of a tv program?, Who is their favorite character?, etc..Live, in real time, minute by minute, allowing interaction and promoting engagement. We may also contrasting the performance of key competitors of the program to know what your strengths and weaknesses, with the same depths that we can meet our own.








Business model

Monthly payment based on the number of shows to be monitored.
The target market are: media agencies, advertisers, TV channels and content producers.

Competitive advantage

We have 4 years experience in the market of social media monitoring, that allowed us to develop a unique tool to obtain relevant and timely information in real time.
Our best difference from traditional monitoring tools, is that users will not have to go through long and complicated setup process but will directly access a dashboard, and we can show the live mentions second by second, with interactive, friendly and highly adicctive dashboard.
This dashboard will be desingned ad hoc based on the client´s goal.