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Cottage Grove, Minnesota, United States United States
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Company description

SymbiGroup is a consulting firm of social entrepreneurs who design and deliver technological solutions for communities and organizations that seek to improve social welfare.  We partner with the community to create technology products that promote social responsibility and advance human relations.  Our multidisciplinary approach ensures optimal creativity and nourishes ideas that enhance human welfare.

Mission Statement

To create strong partnerships with communities interested in innovative uses for technology to illustrate and solve simple and complex concerns that affect groups of people and their environments.

Our Core Values

Members – We believe in the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and capabilities of our members and their commitment to developing innovative technological solutions for a better society.  Every member of our organization strives for the social welfare of humanity.

Community – We believe the best solutions come from within the community.  We seek to build partnerships within the community to identify innovative solutions that technology can deliver to solve simple and complex concerns.

Institution –We believe innovative technology can be used to meet individual and institutional needs.  We value institutions that preserve and enhance social responsibility.


We've created our first product: an automated news aggregator that ranks news based on the number of conversations happening around the news item in a given hour.

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