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Company description

SpreezioTM is a mobile/web-based shopping company that specializes in driving consumers to local merchants, service providers, and retail sales reps.  Think of us as Priceline on steroids enabling shoppers to make a coupon for almost any product or service!  We accomplish this through unique real-time purchase requests sent from a consumer's Smartphone/PC to businesses, which ensure that customers get the best possible local deals.

Business model

Membership is free to consumers and merchants.  Merchants who desire greater visibility, more leads, and response automation will pay a monthly subscription fee.  Our subscription fee starts at $30/mo.

Spreezio's application will be distributed by Apple's AppStore and Google's Android's App Site, free-of-charge, to tens-of-millions of Smartphone users.  We are also in discussions with several large Telcos to partner with us because we are the only solution that provides a solutions-based sale to small-to-midsize businesses.  No large sales or marketing organization will be required.  Currently, we have a deep National Retailer pipeline and POC contracts waiting to be signed with two large retailers.

Competitive advantage

We have "first mover" position.  We have an 18 month head start, and what we are doing is hard.  We know we have, at best, a temporary lead.  It's so hard that few established companies would defocus themselves by trying to do what we're doing.

Our COO used to be a Regional President at Verizon and can get us in front of 80M Verizon customers.  As a 20-year veteran, he knows many key execs at other telcos and has already begun negotiations with them.

We will not have the "chicken and egg" problem because we are partnering with over 100+ Blue Chip national retailers.  Hence, shoppers will be able to start making deals immediately, regardless of where they live.