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Company description

Spreaker allows anyone to easily broadcast live audio and distribute it on social networks.



It can be used through a web-based mixing console (which includes production tools, sound effects and production music), mobile phones and also 3rd party applications. Every broadcast on Spreaker is stored on the cloud and can be later accessed as a podcast.

Spreaker also allows users to monetize their content by serving targeted audio ads and sharing revenues with content producers.

Business model

Spreaker helps people create, distribute and monetize their audio content. Podcasting has not been able to express its real potential so far because everyone concentrated on distribution while the real hurdles where at different levels of the value chain. 

Spreaker offers a revenue share model with their hosts, inserting targeted audio ads on the fly both on live and pre-recorded broadcasts. In addition Spreaker also offers premium plans which offer more storage, bandwidth and creation tools to content producers.

Competitive advantage
  • Very easy to use (one click broadcast & syndication) but powerful (web-based production tools: mixing console, sound effects library, production music library)
  • Superior Audio Quality
  • Revenue sharing monetization