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SCOTT PERRY has been involved with the music industry for almost 20 years. What started as an internship at a local radio station during high school lead to driving around baby bands like Pearl Jam and Rage Against the Machine as a college rep for Sony, followed by handling PR for Nine Inch Nails during Woodstock, to promo and marketing stints with Beggars Banquet and Universal / Interscope.

Scott parlayed his passion for good music and new media to work with the Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS) and Liquid Audio before launching NEW MUSIC TIPSHEET. What started as a means of keeping his indie store friends on top of new releases has blossomed into a full-time endeavor to keep the entire industry abreast of upcoming releases, TV listings, news, and headlines from today's top music blogs.

All corners of the music industry use the Tipsheet to stay on top of music and technology trends -- a wide array of labels, distributors, online music providers, radio, retail, press, booking agents & concert promoters, TV and videogame developers, music supervisors, ad agencies, and Fortune 500 companies all use the Tipsheet to make their worlds a little better.

And we hope that you, the real music fan, use the Tipsheet to find out more about good music from favorite and undiscovered artists. We appreciate any feedback, feel free to reach out at scott@sperrymedia.com