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Company description

Scoopler is a real-time search engine. We aggregate and organize content being shared on the internet as it happens, like eye-witness reports of breaking news, photos and videos from big events, and links to the hottest memes of the day. We do this by constantly indexing live updates from services including Twitter, Flickr, Digg, Delicious and more. When you search for a topic on Scoopler, we give you the most relevant results, updated in real-time.

About the Company

Scoopler was created by AJ Asver & Dilan Jayawardane, and launched in Private Beta in April 2009. You can usually find us in San Francisco or London.

We are a Y-Combinator funded company.

  • AJ Asver
    AJ Asver | Team member
    AJ Asver is a software engineer and an entrepreneur with a keen business sense. He founded his first start-up, ClickUni, while he was an undergraduate at Oxford University. AJ graduated from Oxford in 2007 with a degree in Computer Science.