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The UK based online contract and permanent recruitment solution
Sussex, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Company description

www.people4business is a UK based online recruitment agency addressing the contract and permanent recruitment needs of thousands of companies and organisations.

Registration is free for both Clients and Candidates and People4 generates income from applying a price-transparent margin on top of the Candidate's chosen rate. The inclusive rates are displayed against all Candidates on the site and there are no additional charges levied.

Clients can search for, shortlist and contact Candidates with the skills they require, or they can ask their nominated People4 Account Manager to provide a full-service recruitment solution, at no additional cost.

People4 also manage all the contracts, timesheets, invoices and payments that result from each transaction.

  • Duncan Taylor
    Duncan Taylor | Team member
    I am one of the founders, and Managing Director, of an online marketplace for the Buyers and Sellers of professional services.   Buyers are businesses, generally within the UK, and Sellers are freelancers, contractor...
Business model

Buyers and Sellers register for free.

Seller determines the rate per hour they wish to be paid

People4 uplift the Seller rate by a flat margin of 10% and the uplifted rate appears on the site against each Seller's details.

Contracts are awarded through the site electronically and when a Seller gains a contract they enter the hours worked on an electronic timesheet. The Buyer confirms the hours and People4 use this information to invoice the Buyer and pay the Seller.  

Competitive advantage

Low-cost marketplace solution for freelance, contracting and consultancy recruitment.

Efficient electronic processes for contracts, timesheets, invoices and payments.

Free registration for Buyers and Sellers.

Sellers gain from guaranteed payment for all hours they work.