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Company description

PartyWeDo takes the DNA from the social web and combines it with the DNA from traditional party activities, to create a party network for celebrating various life-events.  PartyWeDo is a virtual family room where family and friends can gather  together around traditional party activities or games that fuel the conversation.

A PartyWeDo event becomes a social explosion of banter, gift giving and fun just like their off-line cousins. 

Business model

PartyWeDo uses the legacy of gift giving to power the network. Gift giving is a central function of traditional parties. Gifts are used to support and acknowledge various human life-events.

At PartyWeDo, we bring these life-event parties online and provides easy access to the nessesary gifts. The PartyWeDo network uses gift commissions to operate the business and to assist affiliate partners to monetizing their digital assets.     

Competitive advantage
  • There are millions of well-trained party participants that celebrate a variety of life-events each week.
  • Modern families are dispersed, but yet want to stay connected during the life-events of family and friends. 
  • Baby Boomers are becoming empty nesters by the millions and still want to be active in the many life-events of their children and grandchildren.
  • Current economic conditions are restricting travel , but not reducing the desire to be involved in the life-events of family members.
  • Billions of dollars every year are spent on gift-giving among family and friends.

PartyWeDo builds the business by taking advantage of a portion of each of these 5 points. The online party format is more involved than simple social games, but has a proven and efficient monetizing formula.  Social networks are successful in connecting people, but PartyWeDo expands upon life-event participation and pays its own way with gift sales. This is a network tailor made for Baby Boomers and their tech-savy children.  They all can complete their responsibility to be part of each others life, without spending money on travel.  And, the money that they save on travel can go to even better gifts purchased in the PartyWeDo affiliate stores.