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Palo Alto Health Sciences
Kirkland, Washington, United States United States
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Company description

Palo Alto Health Sciences is a privately held Kirkland WA-based digital therapeutics company founded in 2013.  Our flagship product, Freespira, is an FDA cleared, evidenced-based treatment indicated for patients diagnosed with panic attacks, panic disorder and PTSD.  Freespira corrects the abnormal respiratory patterns associated with these conditions by training the patient to normalize their breathing rate and exhaled CO2 levels. Freespira is medication-free, takes only one month to complete, and is used at home. Results are long lasting, and treatment is authorized by a licensed healthcare provider and can be delivered by a behavioral health clinician or a Freespira coach.



Business model

We lease our Freespira device to patients to be used at home over a 4-week period.  We bill the insurance company for the cost of the rental.  Clinicians help to identify, authorize, train and coach patients as part of the Freespira program. Our patient care team also helps the patient by providing technical, trouble shooting, coaching, reporting and financial support services.

Competitive advantage

No other product has the ability to train patients to monitor their CO2 levels and respiratory rates by actually measuring CO2.  The Freespira device contains a proprietary CO2 sensor and table which helps to measure CO2 while providing the patient with real time feedback.  Patients complete two 17 minute sessions per day over a 4-week period under the care of a licensed health care professional