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MyVerse is an online resource focused on professional and personal development for Millennials.

Studies show that kids as young as 12 are already beginning to worry about their futures—where will they go to college? What kind of job should they get? Will they be able to make enough money to get by?

These and other stressors can lead to a host of emotional and behavioral issues, from eating disorders and depression to attempted suicide. MyVerse faces these problems head on, providing Millennials with a web destination designed just for them. Tools and resources include:

  • Career Match to help Millennials find the perfect career to suit their unique personalities.
  • Personal Finance articles and calculators help Millennials create budgets, plan to save money, and understand the payoff and term structure of student loans they may take on to pursue educational goals.
  • “My Path,” to provide navigation from high school or college to a career.
  • An online Resume Builder, which includes the ability for employers and co-workers to add recommendations helps Millennials present a professional face to the world. (Launching October, 2010)
  • Health and Personal Development content to answer the tough questions and offer guidance to everyday problems. (Launching October, 2010)
  • Multimedia blogs with images, audio, and video encourage self-expression.
  • Video Chat, social-networking tools and games to hold the interest of this high-energy age group.

Users have called MyVerse the “Ultimate Teen Website.” Others have said it’s like Facebook on steroids. Still others just call it “awesome.”