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Company description

mytoopi is a unique website which will provide web designers across the world an opportunity to showcase their work, market, network, share, learn and lead. mytoopi is not just another website offering web template sales. It will also provide a pool of web design templates in various categories for buyers across the world, to suit their preference and requirement.


What’s more, various web service providers can advertise their services in this space too.


mytoopi aims to be a virtual market world for web designers to showcase, promote and sell their templates by garnering such a unique community of web designers,  buyers and advertisers around the world.



Note: The website is in its final stage of first phase.



Business model


Generally an individual or a company when in need of a website would contact a web designer, discuss their needs and the designer would work on template options based on the requirements. 


When a web designer conceives and designs web templates for a client, out of handful templates only one is finally approved.   


So what happens to the one’s which were not selected? 


With the unique and innovative platform that mytoopi will offer, now web designers can themselves ensure that their templates find their place and take off, which they were actually created for.   It is a platform to connect web designers with other web designers around the world and also to buyers.



Competitive advantage

 To build friends based community among the designers:


Currently there are many numbers of communities available for designers to discuss on various topics, tips, organizing polls etc. But these communities could not be helpful for designers to share and sell their works/concepts with more features.


So our aim is to bring a community which is having main features like sharing, selling, post comments on works and to add the good works and designers in their favorite section as well as make the favorite designer as a friend by using the special feature like “add as a friend”.



To improvise ones Vision:


The web designers may have the tendency to observe other designer works. If one who is a beginner in designer profession may get a chance to observe the master piece of work done by senior designers which is available in our website. By the way he is inspiring with that design leads to improvising his design qualities and his vision paves the way for entering him to next level.



To bring Unity in Diversity:


The web designers who are all coming from various locations differ in race, sex, religion, culture, language but all of them are come under the designer’s leads to Unity in Diversity. So there may be a chance to make a glimpse of other counties designers design style, passion, way of constructing the design etc…


For Clients:


For the people who are in need of creative, greatest web designs, wide range of varieties, multi choices to meet up their requirements. 


So MyToopi is the gateway of new enchant designs, designers, ample scope for buyers to purchase the web designs according to his own desire and requirement.  


 Claims: “We claim that this unique concept of providing a platform exclusively for the “website designers” has not been attempted before by anybody with the entire features offer by us, anywhere in the world.”


  Target Audience:


Who exploit (make use of) it?

Our website (MyToopi) is not restricted to age groups, profession, culture, sex, religion etc. People come to our website (MyToopi) generally falls into three major categories are as follows:

  1. Designers who are in need of market place to sell or showcase his own works
  2. People (Client) who are in need of web template design fir his requirement
  3. Ad donors who are related with web technologies and other companies who are all come here for promoting their business in the form of ad on our website.



What do they exploit?

Designers who are all getting the right platform in MyToopi to create their own portfolios and showcase to exhibit and sell their works.


People (Client) are getting the creativitiy, quality, multi facet feature designs to meet up their taste, requirement.


Ad donors who are getting business enquiries, orders like HTML/CSS Conversion, web application due to presence of ad banners in our website.



When do they exploit it?

It’s a 365 day business. And the website is functioning round a clock .So all of them like designers, Clients and Ad donors make use of the Website (MyToopi) whenever they want. MyToopi Team will always support their users.


Where do they exploit it?

Since the Website (MyToopi) is based on web applications is meant for online. So designer can sell the web design and client can buy the design through online from anywhere.


Why do they exploit it?

Designers come here to get the market place for selling his web template designs and to enrich its designing quality by the way he is inspiring with other works done by various designer.


Clients who are in need of web design to promote their own business come here for searching wide varieties of design.


Ad donors here for promoting their business to get business enquiries, business lead from MyToopi


How do they exploit it?

Designers having the separate registration and privileges to get access the member (designers) Features of MyToopi.


While Client (buyer) having the separate registration and accessing site features differ from that of designer