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iWillPark is founded by four UC Berkeley alumns that believed airbnb's model for renting apartments could be tuned and perfected for renting parking spots on the go. 


The goal of iWillPark is to connect users to residential listers who have vacancies on an irregular basis. The higher value the parking spot, the more often it will be rented, and for a higher price. We believe that the peer to peer marketplace is free market driven and the community will decide what is the right price and business will grow from there.


The unique aspect of iWillPark will be the cross platform launch. With a easy to navigate website, a simple and quick loading mobile website, and user friendly droid and iphone apps, iWillPark will allow users to buy a spot within 5 page views, start to finish. In an ideal world, users could be stuck in traffic on their way to the giants game and while waiting find a spot for cheap and save $10-$20 on parking for the game. Further, listers who are on vacation, or at work, or even out to dinner could make their space available through their phone in minutes, and be making money without doing any work!


iWillPark is the future of urban parking, and we can't wait to see you there. Sign up now and be notified when we are live in your area!