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GraphWear Technologies Inc.

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GraphWear Technologies Inc.
Non-invasive biomonitoring
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States United States
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Company description

We are making a wearable sensor that analyzes your body non-invasively. Your body is constantly sending out biochemical information from your saliva, breath, sweat, and even earwax. We are starting with sweat analysis. Sweat is diluted and ultrafiltered  blood. When your body tries to cool off, your brain sends a signal to your blood to push out water. This water comes out as sweat through your sweat ducts. Sweat brings along with it trace concentrations of electrolytes, glucose, lactic acid, and an array of proteins that are reflective of your health.  By harnessing this information, we are opening a whole new door to non-invasive biomonitoring.

Our solution is possible because of the sensitivity of the Nobel Prize winning nanoscale material graphene. Via a patent pending process developed by the founders during their thesis, we can create a graphene device that has almost ideal properties which is low cost, easy to manufacture, and highly scalable.




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Business model

Our cost of goods is $10.10 per device at scale. This breaks down as follows:

i. Cost of sensor: $1.00

ii. Cost of Bluetooth chip (Rigado BMD-200): $6

iii. Cost of adhesive and sweat collection system: $0.10

iv. Cost of battery: $1.00

v. Cost of packaging and design: $2

Our sales model is a razor and blade model, where the Bluetooth chip, the sensor, and the battery cost $99.99 and can be used repeatedly, whereas the adhesive with embedded sweat collection system need to be replaced every use at a cost of $0.50 per patch. These numbers were obtained by surveying over 3 dozen athletes and asking what they believe such a device should cost. With over 20% of the survey participant’s answer >$200 and 80% in the >$100 range, we believe our customer will be willing to pay this price for our device.


Competitive advantage

Direct and Indirect Competitors

There is no product currently on the market that can analyze sweat and give information about dehydration, glucose, lactic acid, or any other vitals. This gives us the unique opportunity to be one of the first to market.

Emerging Competitors

There are a few different companies working on a hydration sensor, as well as a few trying develop a glucose and lactic acid monitor. However, none are using graphene, which is the ideal molecular sensor. Since graphene is only one atom thick, every single carbon atom is exposed to the surface. This makes interactions with other molecules very specific, thus allowing a high degree of sensitivity and selectivity. We are the only company to be using graphene for monitoring glucose, electrolytes, and lactic acid. Our low cost also gives us a highly competetive price. 

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