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Four Elements is a powerful and innovative holdings firm, based in Atlanta, GA. Four Elements is organized into four branches: business development, investment services, creative design, and marketing promotions. Currently, Four Elements is working with several companies to help integrate web 2.0, search engine optimization and our future web.

Founded by Maxwell Finn, Zeshan Muhammedi, Taylor Pemberton, and Samuel Schreiber, Four Elements believes that every thriving entrepreneur and business deserves dedicated persons focused on building a sustainable business without having to visit a variety of companies. By bringing top tier management and growth strategies, Four Elements will increase the quality and consistency of your business's results in a global, technology-driven economy.

Four Elements serves as a one-stop source for developing businesses that need competent support, but do not have the time, personnel, or inclination to search out and manage multiple resources across different business disciplines.

References and examples of previous work
We have done work for several promising start-ups in the consumer technology, entertainment, web 2.0, real estate and fashion industries. However, we were recently hired by NAI Global to develop a web 2.0 and search engine optimization report for strengthing their web presence. NAI Global is the 4th largest commercial real estate company in the world. They have over 350 offices worldwide.