Fordela Corporation

Fordela Corporation
It is Fordela's mission to deliver the best of enterprise class media management, as a service, from the Cloud.
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Company description

The Fordela Solution is a cloud-based integrated, automated platform for managing and distributing your media (audio and video) to connected devices. From virtual screening rooms to feature-length film distribution, Fordela delivers a controlled, secure media management and distribution solution to enterprises large and small.

The Fordela Solution is also available in a complete white-label configuration for partners and resellers.

Fordela’s also providing the world’s first cloud-based, integrated and automated 2D and 3D media platform.

3D video combined with the award-winning Fordela media platform, enables 3D applications, such as VOD services, Virtual Screening Rooms, Content Collaboration Portals and other applications to be easily
delivered from the Cloud.

3D can now be included in your content distribution strategy to connected devices.

Business model

B2B, B2C, Individual user

Competitive advantage

Fordela is revolutionizing the management and delivery of media content through the Fordela Media Platform. This sophisticated solution, enables the secure management and distribution of media and audio content to any Internet-connected device. The Fordela Media Platform is an integrated, automated, intuitive, cloud-based solution to manage every aspect of the media workflow. The Platform can be offered as an integrated end-to-end solution or as modules which can be integrated with a client’s existing workflow and technology. The latest release of the Platform, now integrating audio and video management, is the only platform providing full 3D media support.

Many of our competitor's solutions are very hardware and labor intensive and very expensive.  In many cases it is difficult, or impossible, for most of our competitors to integrate their products and services with existing systems. In contrast; Fordela is a cloud-computing solution that integrates easily with existing systems. Fordela effectively leverages against competing interests with better pricing, features, integration, flexibility and metrics.

Most of our competitors do not have a proprietary technology, having built their solutions on old database platforms designed for text and document tracking that were never intended for the completely unique world of rich media. 

One third of our competitors simply provide an archive system. That approach only solves 10% of the problem. Another third only provide a resold text manager tool that barely functions for the complexity of rich media. The other third provide only a small tool to solve a very large set of challenges.

The technology was architected and developed by Founder and CEO Jason Deadrich, formerly of Lucasfilm Ltd., to support his vision of "Ubiquitous Rich-Media" (URM); where all types of media are used with the same ease and control as text documents are today in the enterprise.

Fordela's cloud-based technology technology and tool-set allows the company to build applications to control rich media with reusable objects and unique interfaces.

Fordela has developed the entire architecture to rapidly and easily integrate with  legacy applications without the problems of those legacy structures, thus reducing costs to enterprises. A Fordela enterprise customer will realize a better ROI by using the Fordela platform instead of any of its competitors' products.