Creative Imaginations Publishing Company LLC
Location: 2070 Silverside Drive Suite 201-C Baton Rouge, LA. 70808, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States United States
Founded in: 2010
Stage: Profitable
Number of employees: 6-15
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Creative Imaginations Publishing Company LLC

Baton Rouge Publisher
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States United States
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Company description

Creative Imaginations Publishing Company is a privately owned independent small press. The company fills a niche in the book publishing world that exists between self publishing and main stream publishing. Self publishing provides no funding for marketing and promotion of the author and new title, while mainline publishing usually provides all necessary investment for the promotion campaign, author advances, printing and design, etc.

Creative Imaginations Publishing Company provides investors for each new title and author. Since only 3% of authors are published by mainstream publishers, 97% are left to fend for it's own. Our company is target marketing these authors and funding their work and promotion with private investment. 

The company follows standard procedures in the mainline publishing industry for choosing it's authors and new titles. Market research and sales projections are provided to each investor.

The company is an international publisher with global distribution by Ingram, the largest printer/distributor of the world. Creative Imaginations Publishing Company has published three titles this year so far, and will release it's fourth at the end of November. The company's first children's book will be released in December written by a collage educator of forty five years, Dr. Eva Kleinpeter. 

We are currently seeking an investor or investors for the promotion of her book. The amount needed will be 50K and the return to the investor is projected at 12% per annum with interest and capital payments paid monthly.

We are available for private and confidential discussions. Send email to to request initial phone conversation.

Business model

The company fills a niche between self publishing and mainline publishing by providing funding for self publishing authors. The company does this through a private investment program.

Our Process:

1.Advertise in writer media we accept manuscripts in entertainment and education.

2. Review manuscripts.

3. Editors recommend manuscripts.

4. Marketing research determines sales projections, book pricing, target market and promotion costs.

5. First Author Meeting

    a. initial negoiations

    b. author personality marketable?

    c. initial verbal agreements

6. Committee choses manuscript for publishing

7. Investor signed up for book promotion

8. Second Author Meeting

    a. final negoiations

    b. final agreements for author contract

9. Author turned over to PR

10.New Title Printed/Published

11. Investor Payments Paid Monthly    

Competitive advantage

We have a tremendous advantage over self publishing companies due to our ability to provide private funding for the author and new title. No self publishing company does this and main stream publishing only publishes 3% of authors so potential is high.