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Company description is the world's first mobile centric QRcode and link shortener switchboard solution.  It allows you to create device and location specific business rules for your shortened link or QR code.  This way you can drive more conversions and help effectively enhance your media buys for larger organizations.  

Using it is extremely easy and quick. also integrates open API for distribution for external application development.  The common client/user would be one that has a national advertising campaign or a mobile application across multiple platforms.  After being asked over 200 times in 2010 "how do I market my application?" by potential clients with mobile application startup ideas, we realized that the mobile application marketplace has a positive feedback loop built into it.

Apps in the top 25 stay in the top 25, and it is difficult for a new app the break into that market without a major marketing budget.  SEO is not as effective for mobile applications as it is for internet applications.  The search within itunes is lacking, and Android doesn't really even have a proper online marketplace.  Mobile application developers need a way to market their apps cost effectively and not have to worry about providing six links to each app version in the different app stores.
With a dynamic system that identifies the device reading the QRcode, can push the user to appropriate app store, android market or app world.

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Business model

Freemium model with advertising support.

Charge for analytics and multiple projects as well as creating affiliate monetization techniques.

Competitive advantage

First to Market

Solving a problem in a unique way

niche client driven

Already have clients prior to launch