Cleantech for daily life, and beyond.
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Company description

CleantechBase is cleantech for daily life, and beyond.

We are the first ecommerce site for useful and cool consumer products, all based on clean technology. Our goal is to offer products that enhance and build a complete, sustainable lifestyle.

CleantechBase makes it easy and fun to discover clever, clean products that do everything you need. We believe that modern living and taking care of our planet are not contradictions. The more people we are able to reach, the faster we can start to change things for the better. 

Living sustainably should be a no-brainer, but it's just not as simple as that. Today’s solutions for green living only cover half the equation. 

Green Blogs promote behavior and lifestyle choices, and explore tech innovations. Green e-commerce covers health and wellness, apparel, home decor, and the like. Meanwhile, clean technology has finally made its way into consumer goods - yet, no one seems to know they exist. 


We realized that there is no single place where people can discover and buy consumer goods based on clean technology. Technology becomes a force for good only when enough people put it to the right use. 

So, we created it. 

The cleantech industry now has a hub, a place to air out and bring its glorious technology out of the lab and into people's lives. After all, everyone would benefit if clean technology became a daily reality. 

CleantechBase is an ecosystem of products for all purposes. It is beautiful, inspirational, and fun. Our hope is that CleantechBase will make clean technology accessible, and a way of life.

Clean products are here, and CleantechBase is where you will find them. 

Business model

Affiliate sales, direct sales of select products, offering branded company pages or promoted featured products.

Other revenue streams to be decided and explored, such as limited item or custom-made product sales, product bundling options.

Competitive advantage

First mover and first to scale. Time is of the essence.