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Chalo makes travel planning easier by providing easy-to-create and fun-to-follow trip summaries captured in a sequence of activities as experienced by real travelers. 

 While travel is fun, travel planning is time-consuming and a painstakingly exhausting task. Most travel planning resources suggest a list of top 25 "things to do" at a destination. Resources such as tripadvisor's user generated trip reports offer richer information, but they are often buried inside long drawn-out prose. Chalo provides trip summaries that are concise, beautifully organized, and have sequential and spatial contexts to a trip plan. Our vision is to provide personalized automated trip itineraries to travelers based on the experiences shared by Chalo members 


Awards and Mentions
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    Nominated as among top-5 travel startups to watch for smarter trip planning
  • Business model

    There are three ways we plan to make money (Please refer to pitch deck for detailed financial model): 

    1. Native Advertising - Promoted trip and in-trip activities:

    2. Online Advertising – Highly targeted CPC based text advertising and/or CPM based display advertising.  

    3. Lead generation - Our trip summaries have structured activities, which are easily recognizable, and a prime candidate for referral revenue 


    Competitive advantage

    * Enjoying a travel destination is not about 25 things to do, it is how you do it. Chalo provides trip summaries organized in a beautiful and optimal sequence of activities that can be enjoyed by users at a new destination. This is absolutely unique and almost completely eliminates the task of trip-planning, which usually takes hours today.

    * Our service will be free of cost to consumers and we intend to make money via advertising and lead-generation. Travel is a high margin business, and with digital ad spend in this area growing at 16% annually it is on track to become a $5B industry in US alone over next 3 years. Travel planning still have many challenges and with Chalo's simply yet innovative approach we hope to take a fair share of market in this space.