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Call Loop
Easy, Integrated, Automated SMS & Voice Messaging
Boynton Beach, Florida, United States United States
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Company description

Call Loop is the Hubspot for SMS and Voice Messaging.

Call Loop builds your contact database for you, allowing you to communicate via text message or voice broadcast with just a few or a thousand people at a time.

It’s the only platform that works seamlessly with MailChimp, Infusionsoft, AWeber, iContact, and many other popular platforms to easily collect, grow, and communicate automatically with your existing contacts and subscribers.

Simple, beautiful, and easy to use.

Business model

Call Loop has a subscription (SAAS) model.

Users sign up for a monthly plan between $19 - $299 and users can also sign up on our "pay as you go" model.

Competitive advantage

The "old" way of voice broadcasting is very static and manual process. You export your database, clean your list in excel, walk through a 12 step process to setup your campaign, import it into the system, and "finally" send your broadcast...

But, there's a huge problem.

You want to send another one next week to the new 250 leads that came in. Guess what you have to do? Yup... you get to-do that all over again.

Call Loop cuts that entirely out of the equation. We integrate with the most popular email autoresponders and shopping carts so as you are growing your business, Call Loop is managing and sending broadcasts on complete autopilot.