BioEnergy Concepts

Optimized use of energy capital that minimizes carbon footprint
Fairfield, California, United States United States
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Company description

Our key component driver to sustainability is the optimized use of energy capital that minimizes carbon footprint with zero environmental impact. The company specializes in identifying, exploiting and producing an inventory of worldwide socially responsible investment opportunities.

All projects are closely probed to ascertain reasonable assumptions and methods in maximizing investment yields through strategic risk assessments. We employ seasoned professionals and subject matter experts that are experienced and successful in the areas of architecture and infrastructure planning, Energy Innovation, Green Technology including renewable & sustainable energy sourcing, engineering & design management covering power cogeneration, civil, mechanical and electrical commerce as well as pharmaceutical project development.

The growing utilization of Biofuel and Biomass fuel technology including other renewable and sustainable energy source in commercial and consumer applications has led to a considerable demand for minimizing our carbon footprint especially those in emerging markets. Coconut is abundant in the Asian region and private owners with existing plantation have been tapped for initial base feedstock production.