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Company description is an opinion engine that helps people make informed decisions and gauge public opinions about anything. is to review websites, as what twitter was to blogs.

Business model

Baduku's unique (patent pending) suggestive micro-opinion system ranks user created sentiment based on popularity, giving users a quick reliable overview of the overall consensus on any topic in just seconds.This powerful foundation allows users to view a snapshot of the opinions for any topic over a number of user defined date ranges, past and present. No other system has this capability.

The fundamental difference between and other review websites is that while other review sites are just "A" collection of disconnected opinions (ethnography), is "The" overall public opinion (statistical relevancy). While other reviews are extremely detailed and take time and effort to read and contribute to, compliments them by offering the opposite polar experience via brief generalized ranked overviews which represent public consensus. is not better than other reviews, it is rather, the perfect compliment, helping users make the best informed decisions about anything. is also a open API platform that allows users to integrate this powerful micro-opinion system into their own website to add value to their own businesses.

Competitive advantage

No other review site utilizes a micro-opinion system with this level of high flexibility that allows users to create any topic of discussion accompanied with any opinions.

Additionally the date range feature which allows users to view opinions given during a specific date range is unique only to This gives users the first time comparative sentiment overview of any topic.

Lastly, offers a channels feature which allows users to create their own portal destinations made up of a collection of topic of their choosing and creation.