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Sylvie Leotin

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San Francisco, California, United States
Member since April 06, 2010
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About Sylvie
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Stanford University , MS , Management Science & Engineering

I am a(n):

Entrepreneur, artist, technologist.

Companies I've founded or co-founded:
Companies I work or worked for:
If you are an entrepreneur, why?

I want to change the world.

My favorite startups:

Wordnik, Smule, Square, Twitter.

What's most frustrating and rewarding about entrepreneurship/innovation?

Finding customer resonance.

What's the No. 1 mistake entrepreneurs make?

Not trying their customer's shoes.

What are the top three lessons you've learned as an entrepreneur?

The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes (Marcel Proust).

Where does the name Tech Atelier come from?

Atelier means artist studio in French. Tech Atelier seeks to bridge arts, creativity and technology innovation.

Full bio

Sylvie is an artist, blogger and entrepreneur, with a passion for technology innovation, new product development, and all things creative. A former ballerina and robotics researcher, she's come to the realization that technology innovation and artistic pursuits have many commonalities.

Sylvie is president at Tech Atelier, a product strategy and marketing consultancy, focused on helping technology companies bring customer-winning products to market. In parallel, she is spearheading a new initiative to foster cross-pollination between artists and technologists, to spark innovations.

Sylvie holds degrees in arts, science, engineering and management. She is the author of the Tech Atelier Blog, and contributing author to VentureBeat and She serves on the Board of the Museum of Performance and Design in San Francisco.