Ooshma Garg

Ooshma Garg

Ooshma Garg is the Founder and CEO of Gobble.

Twitter: ooshma
Palo Alto, California, United States
Member since October 28, 2015
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2009 Stanford University , BS , BioMechanical Engineering

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Ooshma Garg is the Founder and CEO of Gobble. She founded her first company as a junior at Stanford University in 2008, an online student recruiting platform called Anapata. Garg was President of Stanford Women in Business, organizing career advancement workshops and opportunities for the 400+ female student members of the organization. Her experience with Stanford Women in Business inspired her to start Anapata, which Garg sold in 2010, the same year she was named one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs.

Garg’s own struggle to eat healthily while living a hectic life building her previous ventures led her on a mission to create the easiest way for everyone to access healthy home-cooked meals, resulting in her now breakout company, Gobble. With a degree in BioMechanical Engineering, Garg thinks differently about food and applies a maniacally data-driven approach to collecting and understanding consumer taste preferences towards becoming the modern family’s default definition of dinner and delivering the perfect menu of dinner kits for each unique family every week.