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Andy Hunter

Brooklyn, New York, United States
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The future of media is streaming, mobile, personal, and location-aware. Quote_down
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If you are an entrepreneur, why?

I want to invent something cool.

My favorite startups:

Kickstarter, Klout, Etsy

What's most frustrating and rewarding about entrepreneurship/innovation?

What's rewarding is having a vision for the future and making it happen. What's frustrating is not always having the necessary resources.

What's the No. 1 mistake entrepreneurs make?

Not taking the time to periodically step back, challenge assumptions, re-assess, and re-prioritize.

What are the top three lessons you've learned as an entrepreneur?

If you try split your time between practicing your high-wire act and sewing your safety net, both will fail -- put all your energy behind your best idea. Go big. Persevere despite setbacks -- they're inevitable; it's your ability to recover that matters.