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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States
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Nabeel is an entrepreneur by heart and the fuel that fires AppealCulture each day. Nabeel launched his first business venture at 10 when he started a bookstore/library at his parents’ house and introduced the concept of “renting” books in an area where there were no libraries. His marketing strategy included spending his piggy bank savings on a professional sign that he had to carry home on his bicycle. His personal book collection exceeded over 3,000 books by the time he turned 16. Nabeel has a voracious appetite for knowledge and is fearless when it comes to learning something new or embarking on a new venture, which he has researched for months and months on end.

At 23, Nabeel founded a software consulting company, which primarily focused on government procurement. He grew the company to 30 people in-house and offshore. He worked on contracts for the Department of Veteran Affairs and county agencies in Virginia.

Nabeel’s passion for creative work, as well as building amazing teams and helping small business owners led him to establish AppealCulture. He is always involved in the creative aspect of projects, but also has a keen mind for the overall strategy and vision. For the past 15 years, Nabeel has been delivering marketing and business development solutions to clients such as Siemens, Network Solutions, MCI Worldcom, Smithsonian Institute, Orbital, SunRocket, TMNG Global, and many other small and mid size businesses.

At AppealCulture, Nabeel’s job entails dealing with tough issues with determination and brutal honesty and moving the company forward while living the 7 Core Values of the company. Nabeel also lives a few other lives, contributing as a father, musician, writer, philanthropist and an amateur photographer. He enjoys music, creative work, playing cricket and board games with his six-year-old son, helping others achieve their dreams, and occasionally an order of soft chicken tacos from Chipotle.