Todd Tate

Todd Tate

Todd is in Web music product & business development. An advisor to, and SXSW Music Accelerator 2013. VP Product / Community ChatWithTheBand and Artist Radio development at Live365.

San Francisco, California, United States
Member since November 03, 2008
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1991 San Jose State University Jazz Composition / Arranging / Audio Production

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As the Community Architect for the SF MusicTech Summit, Todd has cultivated sponsors, attendees and panelists since the inaugural Summit. Todd is a Web music tech product & business development professional, growing the business of music by building partnerships, products, and websites for bands and music brands. Currently, Todd is an advisor to Playlist.comSXSW Music Accelerator 2013, and involved in product, and business development efforts for ChatWithTheBand . Todd has just recently joined Live365 heading up new efforts in artist radio product and business development. Todd was also COO and co-founder of Angry Coffee, which launched the first publicly-available web-based interface to Napster and Napster-like networks as the Internet emerged as a musical force. A musician at heart, Todd studied jazz composition and arranging at San Jose State, and went on to log many hours as an audio engineer, earning an engineering credit for a Grammy-nominated Latin Jazz recording and involved in at least one double platinum release. You can catch Todd live on-stage as a singer/songwriter with his 8-piece alt-rock ensemble with a string quartet "Life Love Misery".