Twitter acquires Smallthought Systems

Creator of Dabble DB for databases and Trendly for analytics gets bought by startup-hungry Twitter

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June 10, 2010
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trendlyTwitter has acquired Smallthought Systems, the company behind online database service Dabble DB and analytics dashboard Trendly.

Though Twitter once used Dabble DB for project management, Trendly was what recently attracted the startup to Smallthought.

Trendly reports translate raw Google Analytics data into trends that highlight significant deviations in inputted data. Twitter was one of the first companies to try Trendly, and it looks like they were happy with the results. For a smallTrendly analytics company trying to keep up with 65 million tweets daily, careful and intricate analysis of data is essential.

"[Smallthought Systems] have joined our analytics team and will focus on integrating ideas from Trendly into our current tools and building innovative realtime products for our future commercial partners," announced Kevin Weil, Analytics Lead at Twitter.

Avi Bryant, Andrew Catton, Ben Matasar, and Luke Andrews of Smallthought are joining Twitter.

Founded in 2005 and based in Vancouver, Smallthought's central product was Dabble DB, a product that helps clients create online databases. The Web-based application enables users to carry out a variety of functions, like collaborate with colleagues, share, collect, and filter data, and create calendars and charts. Clients use Smallthought's services for a variety of purposes, including customer relationship management, timesheets, basic statistical analysis, and scheduling events.

Dabble DB is disabling new account signups effective immediately, according to the company Web site, but current customer accounts will continue to function the same, for the time being. Operations will likely cease sometime in the future, but Dabble says it will give users 60-day advance notification before rolling out any changes.

Trendly is also no longer accepting new customers.

In addition to Smallthought Systems, Twitter has also recently acquired Mixer Labs and Atebits, the company behind Tweetie for iPhone.

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