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Video:Jeffrey Brewer on diabetes management via smart device

Reena Jadhav interviews Founder & CEO of Bigfoot Biomedical

Innovation series by Reena A Jadhav
June 5, 2017
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Reena Jadhav interviews Jeffrey Brewer, Founder CEO of Bigfoot Biomedical who has developed an automated insulin delivery system connected to a smartphone and the cloud, making it easier to take insulin in the safest way possible while cutting costs. In this interview he shares:

1. What motivated him to start Bigfoot Biomedical (his personal story is truly inspiring!)

2. How much money it takes to get through the various stages of approvals for a Class 3 device 

3. The secrets to getting through clinical trial approvals and how to work with the FDA

4. The importance for entrepreneurs to demonstrate that they have a working solution to a real problem along with demonstrating cost savings

5. The hardest thing of building a medical device startup and how to find the regulatory help needed 

6. Their business model as a service and why its the smartest way of doing it 

7. Their path through payors and insurance to consumers

8. His vision for a better life for those with Type 1 diabetes and how they are helping in addressing the $82 billion a year in costs incurred in US and Europe.



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