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Video: Fireside Chat with Toni Ko and Bianca Gates

Vator Splash LA 2016 - Toni Ko shares lessons learned

Innovation series by Mitos Suson
October 24, 2016 | Comments
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At our Vator Splash LA 2016 event last Oct. 13,Toni Ko, Founder, CEO and Chief Creative Director, Perverse Sunglasses sat down with Bianca Gates, sales executive at Facebook Inc and the co-Founder of Birdies, in a Fireside Chat. 

Splash is Vator's startup conference, gathering top CEOs to share their lessons learned, and highlighting promising new ones. This year's winner and runner-up were Industry and Arbiclaims, respective.

If you want to invest in startups selected by Vator, join the Vator Investment Club. 

Thanks to our amazing top-tier Vator Splash LA 2016 sponsors: KPMGJavelin Venture Partners, Bread and Butter,  Silicon Legal Strategy, Roger Royse Law, Surf Air, Wavemaker, Scrubbed, Stratpoint, AdSembleSoothe and Bixel Exchange.

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Description:   Birdies are fashionable slippers. We have reinvented the concept of a slipper by combining the structure and fashion of...
Bio: Bianca Gates is a sales executive at Facebook and brings 15 years of sales and marketing experience from television, digital and social m...
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