Location: Downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 07/2016, Seed: $235 k (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
Investors: Kfir Gavrieli, Dan Murillo, Billy Ku, Mark Goldstein, Mark Goines
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Awards and mentions
Runner-up 2016
Runner-up of Vator Splash LA 2016 Global Competition


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Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Company description

is an online dispute resolution platform. We use court enforceable, binding arbitration to resolve disputes under $10,000. From filing to collection. All for $79-159/party. Typically within 3-4 weeks.

Go to market - enterprise + partnerships. Enterprise is currently focused on sharing economy marketplaces but expanding to old school companies. We will raise the dollar amounts of disputes we handle, i.e. to $25,000 as we prove out our model. Also working on getting small businesses and individuals to put our arbitration clauses in their agreements, through our partners and content marketing. Making our customer acquisition cost and conversion rates(getting people to the table) very high.

Customers include a major professional services marketplace, Turo and Spinlister. Partners include Better Business Bureau, US Legal and HomeAway. We also resolve disputes for individuals and small businesses.

A claimant can file an initial claim in about 3-4 minutes. We do the rest. If/when the respondent accepts (and we have various strategies for making that work), we invite them each to choose an arbitrator, submit evidence and participate in a 10-30 minute webcam or phone hearing. A decision's handed down within 5 days of the hearing.

We have a lot of built in path dependence with our arbitration clauses and predictive analytics around settlement for example. Proprietary technology around our settlement engine, arbitration matching algorithm and other areas. Seeing a lot of success as well with bringing consumers into the funnel and working on proving that out.

ArbiClaims was started by a small business and start up attorney tired of not being able to help people resolve their small claim disputes. Knowing that they didn't want to bother with small claims court. And in an effort to help fix that broken system.









  • Stephen Kane
    Stephen Kane | Founder
    Founder + CEO ArbiClaims. Chair, GRID110. Startup & small business attorney. Over 10 years sales and biz dev experience including legal tech. Stanford college & law.
  • John Boese
    John Boese | Founder
    Entrepreneur with experience in Product Management, Marketing, and Web Development. Currently CTO and CoFounder of Formerly the Founder and CEO of, a 500 Startups backed company that helps people improve their so...
  • Matt Moretti
    Matt Moretti | Team member
    Operations Management @ArbiClaims. Molehills out of mountains, trains on time. Prior experience in talent management and client relations, Berkeley Law, USC Economics.
  • Mark Goines
    Mark Goines | Advisor
    Mark is a Partner at Morgenthaler Ventures focused on the areas of financial technology, mobile, consumer and small business Internet services.
Business model

We'll be exploring several business models. For now we charge each party a fee for the basic arbitration service based on the claim amount. Or a flat fee for enterprise customers which varies slightly with volume ($275 - $225/claim), no additional platform fee (want to make it easy to onboard them).

We have several other revenue sources including referral fees for other legal services, loan origination fees, case organization assistance fees etc.

We also want to experiment with taking a % cut of the awards. But this is tricky since we don't want to appear to have any bad incentives. We think our settlement engine could be a good opportunity to do this. And also want to play around with freemium for settlements, with consumer and enterprise.

Competitive advantage

We have a few competitive advantages - (1) we have a human touch and online video arbitrations which many of our competitors do not have (they do it via email for example - each side uploads evidence and gets a decision)... we think people feeling heard is half the battle to resolution and respecting the decision (2) we're investing in a proprietary settlement engine which works 50% of the time (of when people express interest in a settlement) and (3) we're investing in an arbitrator matching algorithm.

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Aspiration Growth - Unconfirmed
Mark Goldstein
Mark Goldstein - Unconfirmed
Managing Partner, Founder, Bad Ass Advisors
Mark Goines
Mark Goines - Unconfirmed
Mark is a Partner at Morgenthaler Ventures focused on the areas of financial technology, mobile, consumer and small business Internet services.