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Video: Marketplaces and the flywheel at Splash Spring

At Vator Splash Spring, CEO-founders from SpotHero, Vinted, and Trucker Path discuss supply/demand

Innovation series by Ronny Kerr
May 28, 2016 | Comments
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At our Vator Splash Spring event earlier this month, Ezra Roizen (Managing Director, Vator Investment Club) led a panel session with the CEOs and founders of marketplace companies, including Mark Lawrence (co-founder and CEO, SpotHero), Justas Janauskas (Founder and CEO, Vinted), and Ivan Tsybaev (Founder and CEO, Trucker Path).

Among other things, the panel discussed which comes first in a marketplace: supply or demand?

Thanks to our amazing top-tier Splash Spring 2016 sponsors: KPMGJavelin Venture PartnersSAP Startup Focus ProgramBread and ButterKapor Center for Social ImpactLyftAvison YoungTubemogulWendel Rosen and

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