Twitter's head of news is latest executive to resign

Vivian Schiller started at the company less than one year ago

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October 9, 2014
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Twitter's xecutive exodus claimed another victim on Wednesday. The company has already losts is COO, its engineering SVP and its VP of Consumer Product, and got a new CFO as well. 

The lastest one to leave is Vivian Schilling, the former NBC news executive who came  on board as Twitter's first head of news in October of last year.

She made the announcement that she was stepping down from her position in a series of tweets on Wednesday:

As you can see, no clear reason was given for Schiller's departure, though she does say in the first tweet that it will allow Katie Jacobs Stanton, Twitter's VP of Global Media, to "reorganize" the company. 

In a memo from Stanton, which was written to Twitter employees (and obtained by ReCode), she talked about some of that ongoing restructuring that Schiller mentioned, and how that may have affected Schiller's position within the company. 

"As we continue to streamline the global media team and become more operationally efficient, we have decided to merge our news, gov & elections teams in North America. These teams have always worked in close partnership and we believe the new leadership structure will allow for even better synergy and best practice sharing among these important partners. As part of this transition, Vivian Schiller has decided to step down from her role," Stanton wrote.

"I want to thank Vivian for all she has done at Twitter this year. Her knowledge and experience in the field of journalism and her respect among industry peers have been instrumental in to our work and reputation with news organizations."

Schiller's replacement has already been picked out as well: Adam Sharp, who was formerly Head of Government and Elections at Twitter. He will now be the head of Global Chair of News & Gov, which combines both global vertical calls. 

Prior to joining Twitter, Schiller was the president and CEO of National Public Radio, as well as senior vice president and chief digital officer for NBC News

Twitter executives 

Schilling's departure is just the latest shuffling of the Twitter executive deck.

Since going public last year, Twitter has not been in the best of shape. The company has seen its stock price drop as a result of slowing user growth. At the same time, it has also seen many of its higher-ups either leave the company, or move positions.

Back in January, former VP of Consumer Product, Michael Sippey, was moved into an advisory position. And last month, engineering SVP Chris Fry departed the company.

The company also lost two key figures: first, it was COO Ali Rowghani who resigned. He was then followed out the door by Chloe Sladden, its VP of Media.

Rowghani's duties were split between two other executives: Adam Bain, who had been head of revenue at the company, was given the addition title of head of business development. And Gabriel Stricker, who had been vice president of marketing and communications, was put in charge of overseeing the entire media team at Twitter.

Most recently it was announced that Chief Financial Officer Mike Gupta was changing his role within the company to Senior Vice President of Strategic Investments. He was replaced by Anthony Noto, who was previously the Managing Director in the Technology, Media and Telecom Investment Banking Group at Goldman, Sachs. Prior to that he was CFO of the National Football League.

Twitter could not reached for further comment on Schiller's resignation.

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