Twitter giving away ad services to small UK businesses

UK businesses could get £1,000 in Twitter ads just by sharing how they use the service

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June 13, 2012
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Twitter has done a lot of campaigns to help raise the volume that small businesses have on its microblogging service in the past -- a lot of it with the help of American Express. Now, Twitter is offering £1,000 in ad credits ($1,600), redeemable on Twitter’s Promoted Products, if small businesses share their stories with the company.

Businesses that would like to be considered for the offer are being asked to send a tweet before July 30 with the hashtag #ukbizstories, describing in 140 characters or less how the business uses “Twitter creatively to connect with the community and reach their customers.”

Often times when I take a look at what ads, promoted tweets and promoted trends are on my feed I get the usual big brand companies, but occasionally I see a local business or one that I've never heard of. Twitter seems to really be reaching out to get a more diverse selection of brands and companies familiar with their advertising model and the power of their service in brand awareness and loyalty programs. 

This promotion is valid until July 30, 2012 and is open to UK businesses only. 

Twitter is making a smart move by expanding its advertising offers to more small businesses because, not only are they getting more people familiar with their ad network, but they are also collecting a lot of stories and inspiration on how people are using their service to improv business.

The entry form even states that: “By submitting a testimonial, you grant Twitter permission to share your testimonial (including your name, profile picture, and any other text or media associated with your Twitter account) in case studies, presentations and other promotional materials. Twitter may work with those businesses we have selected to find the right Promoted Products to promote their account and Tweets.”  

This offer follows up a  Facebook deal launched in Europe at the end of May where the social network giant started offering up to 50,000 businesses with Facebook fanbases of more than 50 the chance to grab £20 in Facebook ad credits.


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