Adaptly snags $10.5M, unveils new social marketing tool

For big brands looking for higher engagement on social media marketing, Adaptly is eyeing you

Technology trends and news by Krystal Peak
May 9, 2012
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Adaptly, a New York-based startup that manages ad campaigns across multiple social networks, just announced that it has raised $10.5 million. This Series B round of funding brings the total raised to more than $13.2 million. This round was led by Valhalla Partners, with participation from Time Warner Investments and Vivi Nevo — three all-new investors for the company -- as well as funding from previous investors. The previous round included contributions from First Round Capital, Charles River Ventures, Lerer Ventures, and others. 

This round will go toward fueling international expansion.

In tandem with this finding announcement, Adaptly is also launching a new product called Evergreen to help advertisers promote their social network content.

Evergreen is focused on making the content a company posts on Facebook a visible to the people following as possible. 

Since Facebook estimates that an average post on a Facebook page only reaches roughly 16% of that Page’s fans, Evergreen tailors the campaign elements to increase the odds that a follower will see the information and use metrics to improve the timing when content is pushed out.

Evergreen is now available on Facebook, where more than 4 million brands have pages.

Kraft Foods has already signed on to use Evergreen to amplify its advertising presence on Facebook. The ambitious goal that Adaptly's Evergreen has for the Kraft campaign is to impact nearly 100% of the Facebook fans.

Adaptly, while looking strongly at Facebook, offers one consolidated platform to complete a social media advertisment campaign across multiple social networks including Twitter, YouTube, StumbleUpon and others. 

Founded in 2010 by Nikhil Sethi and Garrett Ullom, Adaptly hopes to to increase the engagement of company fans while allowing businesses to easily control a constant campaign on multiple platforms so time is concerned and well spent.

One company that is also trying to simplify and improve the impact of marketing campaigns announced its efforts back in November to help many small- and medium-sized businesses. Back At You has created a simpler way for these companies to manage their special campaigns.

Back At You launched a six-step process to market specials on Facebook, Twitter and other outlets for a service fee.

Companies can create a marketing campaign that lasts a few months, or as few as 30 minutes, with Back At You.

Often, businesses have to spend their resources building an application for Facebook or rely on links to connect their social media outlets to the deals they are offering, but Back At You does most of the work for you by integrating your company in their viral marketing and promotions, using Facebook's Graph API and analitics on a broader scale.

Essentially, Back At You is doing the leg work and discovering what makes people "like" a page more or keeps them engaged and adjusts your promotions to encourage greater audience involvement.

Back At You has tools to help increase activity and capture analytics for a company website, email newsletter, Facebook page, Twitter account and other outlets, so that the sucess or duration of a particular campaign can be tracked.

The three biggest problems that Back At You is aiming to solve are the daunting feeling that there is too much of the social world to tackle without enough time; that growth is happening but not fast enough; and that it takes a great deal of micro-managing to get any results.

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