Twitter helps Ping be a little more social

New integration adds playable song previews and iTunes Store links to Twitter details pane

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November 11, 2010
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Twitter + Ping

Twitter is putting that new right-hand pane to more good use with Thursday morning’s launch of a feature that lets users share iTunes Ping activity directly into the stream.

Ping activity--when a user posts, likes or reviews a song, tells a friend why they bought an album, etc.--now transfers over to the user’s Twitter account, complete with playable song previews and links to the iTunes Store. The extra content (song previews and links) will only appear in Twitter’s details pane, which the site just added in the recent New Twitter redesign.

“Last month, we launched a new version of Twitter that gives users the ability to see embedded photos and videos directly through the details pane," says Carolyn Penner of Twitter’s communication team. "Adding the ability to listen to music previews makes that experience even richer."

Apple launched Ping in September to make iTunes more social, but because it completely lacks Facebook integration and, at the time, only offered unidirectional Twitter integration, the “social” service was laughed off as anything but social.

Before, Ping let users connect their Twitter accounts, but the service would only import tweets. The idea was that you had a brand new platform to follow your favorite music celebrities, like Lady Gaga and Kanye West. But why would we need a whole new platform for thatt?

Twitter now counts 95 million tweets a day, about 10 million more than my estimate from a month ago. The site has nearly doubled the 50 million tweets it was seeing nine months ago.

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