MightyMeeting makes $300K seed round

Mobile collaboration app for Android, iPad, and iPhone raises early funding in first month of launch

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May 6, 2010
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MightyMeetingMightyMeeting, a mobile collaboration app for Google Android devices, the iPhone, and iPad, announced on Thursday the closing of a $300,000 seed round of funding. Impressively enough, the startup launched just three weeks ago at VentureBeat's DEMO Spring 2010 event.

The New York-based company is the fourth startup to raise money with Venture Hacks' AngelList, an updated listing of the active angels around the world. Contributors to the current round include George Zachary (investor in Twitter, from Charles River Ventures), Bill Lee (investor in Tesla Motors), Shervin Pishevar (investor in Gowalla), Andrea Zurek (investor in Tapulous, from XG Ventures), David Lee (XG Ventures), Greg Lee (XG Ventures), Pietro Dova (XG Ventures) and Cooley LLP.

Founder Dmitri Tcherevik says the new funding will be used to flesh out MightyMeeting's infrastructure as well as to prepare for the launch of a premium service targeted at business customers. Naturally, he also wants to see the app make its way to more platforms and partner with telecommunications companies and manufacturers.

MightyMeeting lets users manage their PowerPoint presentations right from their mobile device or computer with a Web application. Presentations can be shared via email, blog, Twitter, or Facebook. The real power of MightyMeeting rests in the ability to invite colleagues to join a meeting directly from a laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Anyone listening on the call can follow along with the presentation on their own device.

It could prove to be an invaluable tool for businesses. 

In celebration of the rapid seed round, MightyMeeting has posted a little half-tutorial, half-autobiography on the company blog. Definitely worth checking out.

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