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Walt Perko

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Hayward, California, United States
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1975 U of M, Mpls., MN. AACICS

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Born ... did okay in school ... did okay in the US Navy and received an Honorable Discharge ... went to college a few years and dropped out ... worked as a computer tech/network support for about 30-years then got tired of working for somebody else so I started to look for a new adventure ... a new career.
In early 2006 I realized that a life-long dream of robotics might be a good future career and soon afterwards realized I could design and build smarter consumer robotic tools and educational toy products for kids to play with and use for school.
I've been designing and building a series of various types of robots  to play "Capture the Flag" and "First Person Shooter" games as well as almost every other robot game found at local, regional, national and international robotics competitions ... but I didn't stop there, I've also been inventing new games for robots to play ... many based on arcade and computer games.  I've also started developing RoboActivity Kits ... I explain how to build simple robotic devices using many off the shelf parts for younger kids to explore robotics at home or in school with minimal or no adult guidance needed.

Having built some prototypes I've only been restricted by funds and time to build the entire autonomous and remote control gaming system (Patent Application #60965990).

Now I am looking for funding to open a shop and hire electronic and software engineers to help me build and develop the myriad robotic designs I've been working on.  I also need artists who can design and build robot skins for the different model robots and other gaming arena peripherals.
I expect to start selling preproducton robotic tools and robots soon here in the Bay Area.
Eventually, the robots and RoboActivity Kits will be used as teaching aids for Mathemathics, Mechanics, Electronics, Programming etc... for school kids starting around the kindergarten level all the way to college level ...  K-14+  
Pleae visit the website and see more details;