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Vinod Tonangi

Edgewater, New Jersey, United States
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In 1999 I created V-Graphics, a graphic design company that focused on websites for small and medium sized businesses. As a consultant in conjunction with the Creative Director at Broadvision, Inc., I worked on, a General Electric project. In addition to design and image production I was involved in marketing to effectively deliver the technical and marketing information to sell over 400,000 products to a wide range of customers.

I joined Nobel Ltd. Company in May 2001 as the Creative Director, however within a year I was promoted as the International Project Manager with responsibilities that included a) researching, staffing, and installing a remote office in Bucharest, Romania to create a low-cost operation work force b) carrier sales training & management and c) consultation on technical implementation while still maintaining my role as the Creative Director. 

In August 2004 I became a 10% partner at Verso Communications and I was involved network planning & expansion, carrier sales management, and retail pricing management. 

In February 2006 I started Direct Telco, LLC in order to finally realize my financial goals. We have direct routes all over the world as well as an impressive customer base. 

In March 2009 I created Tonangi Media, which helps businesses promote their products and services though television and internet advertising. Tonangi Mediais a full scale video production and advertising company that gives small and medium sized businesses the ability to advertise on local or national TV, as well as globally on the internet. Throughout my career I have been a digital arts assistant, a creative director, and a project manager, however I never left my original passion: Designs that have both artistic value as well functional elements to showcase business products and services.