Steven Carpenter

Steven Carpenter

San Francisco, California, United States
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I am an entrepreneur with a passion for the consumer Internet and web services.  I have a keen interest in the creative process and in drawing lessons from various industries (sports, music, television and film) in order to make technology startups more successful.  Most recently, I was the founder and CEO of Cake Financial, a consumer Internet website that helped mainstream individual investors manage their portfolios, which I sold to E*Trade. 

Before that I worked in digital music managing strategy and the day-to-day operations for Rhapsody, a leading music subscription product.  I was also the director of business development at financial services startup myCFO, founded by Jim Clark and backed by Kleiner Perkins, and online photo site, Snapfish.

I graduated cum laude with Highest Thesis Honors from Tufts University and received his MBA from Harvard Business School (HBS), where I wrote RealNetworks: Rhapsody, which was published by HBS Publishing.  I continue to be a guest lecturer at HBS.