Shaun Arora

Shaun Arora

As Managing Director at Make in LA, Southern California’s only hardware accelerator, and an angel investor in 35 startups, Shaun Arora is cultivating a hardware community to support fantastic founders scale.

Los Angeles, California, United States
Accredited investor
Member since March 15, 2016
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Type of investor Angel Accelerator Seed Fund Corporate Venture
Typical investment size $50,000 - $100k
Typical investments in a year 15
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Credentials Accredited Investor
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2002 Washington University in St Louis , BS , Business

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1. Analytical skills and logic to make improvements towards common sense

2. Creativity for inspiring others

3. Impatience and restlessness to keep moving forward

Shaun Arora graduated from Washington University in St. Louis and worked as a cultural anthropologist for consumer packaged goods companies, focusing on the beer and alcohol industry. Shaun also became involved in various non-profits and moved around the country for both sectors.

In 2005, Shaun joined the family electronics manufacturing plant and worked to make an impact. The business has grown 40X and scaled to over 4000 employees servicing the aerospace and medical device industries. He now focuses his efforts on early stage companies where he's often playing devil's advocate and challenging executive teams towards brilliant and uncomfortable thinking.

In 2015, Shaun spun off a Hardware Accelerator from the contract manufacturing business.

Specialties: Surf instruction, hardware, lean manufacturing, non-profits, qualitative research, quantitative research, segmentation, guerrilla marketing, strategic planning, business development, audits, market analysis, tracking studies, project management, succession planning, event planning, mentoring, copywriting, music performance and production, promo concepting, screen writing, endurance cycling, bicycle maintenance.