shaon berry

shaon berry

Saint Charles, Illinois, United States
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1991 University of Pittsburgh , BS , Administrative Justice

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Shaon Berry has operated in the capacity of Senior & Executive Level Human Resources leader for more than 18 years with experience serving a variety of mature, transformational and rapid-growth organizations. Serving on a variety of Leadership Cells, Steering Groups and Senior Management Teams, Mr. Berry has been charged with setting direction and providing both short and long-term strategic planning related to the functions of Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Marketing and Sales.

Mr. Berry played football at the University of Pittsburgh from ('87-'90), majoring in Administrative Justice and in the year 2000 received an executive management certification from Cornell University, in the area of Labor Relations.


Mr. Berry has a wife of 17 years, Karla and three children: Karley-16, Justin-11, and Jordyn age 6.